Wednesday, March 25, 2009

sinneán na gaoithe

It has been quite an interesting early spring here. March was ushered in with cool weather, then we had a streak of warmer almost summer-like heat, now as I stand out on the porch, I can feel a cold front approaching. An Cailleach is not ready to hand over the season. Outside it is cold, blustery and soggy.

An Cailleachan are active as well. We have some rather nasty weather moving in. Tonight begins a stream of severe thunderstorms lasting until Saturday. Weatherman says Friday is the worst threat and they are expecting them to be the worse this year, packed with tornadoes also.

Tomorrow night is the gealach úr (new moon) and Gaol Naofa's monthly rite of solidarity. Normally, I honor the ancestors, household deities and land spirits, but I may give a special offering to An Cailleachan as they rush through.

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