Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rachel Allen: Bake!

I discovered a new show by accident today while my little sister was watching The Cooking Channel. It's called Rachel Allen: Bake! and stars Irish chef, Rachel Allen (who studied at Ballymaloe Cookery School founded by  Darina Allen [who is, for those who like fun little tidbits, Rachel's mother-in-law]).  I've read a couple of Darina's books and I've found them some of the best places for learning some great Irish recipes so I was really excited to see this show available here in the States.

Rachel's program doesn't always show traditional Irish cooking, but I was lucky to see an episode today featuring traditional soda bread. While recipes on paper are great, nothing beats actually seeing it made. I can follow recipes fairly well, but visuals are always better in my opinion. So, I thought I would mention this in a post in case there is anyone else out there with a fondness for Irish cooking who might be interested in watching it.

To learn more about the show and to see a program schedule, go here.

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