Thursday, June 9, 2011

wherein I prove I'm alive

So, it's been a while since anything of merit was posted here. To update you all: I moved back to Alabama from Tennessee in mid-February and since then have been buried deep in writing projects. I'm not talking about them right now but hopefully one should see publication by the end of the year. When I have downtime, I'm normally spending it with family, or behind the camera lens (okay, if I'm completely honest I do spend some of that downtime being a vegetable lol).

A good chunk of my time in late April was devoted to helping my community. I live in one of the town hit by the tornadoes. Half a mile from my home was almost completely wiped out and we were lucky to only be brushed by the outlying winds, but we still have some damage. We as a community are healing, and that's the good thing.

Outside of that, things have been happening, I'm just keeping a lot to myself (and within my group of close friends) but I hope to get back to posting here soon. Out of curiosity, what would you guys like to read here? Might give me some ideas for future posts :)


  1. Good luck with the writing projects! I look forward to when they are unveiled.

  2. Having only just found your blog, I must say I love the photography your display here and wouldn't mind seeing more of that.

  3. @Ancestral Celt: Thank you so much. I really enjoy taking photos so that means a lot. I hope to get back into the regular 'Wordless' Wednesday' posts plus use more in other posts.