Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pixar takes on ancient Scotland

I have mixed feeling about this lol. But having Kevin McKidd (yum!!) narrate the trailer did pique my interest. What do you guys think?


  1. I've known about this for some time and Pixar does tend to fall on the side of stellar film making. What angle they're going to go for, what approach (or to what degree) they intend on incorporating folklore and the like, remains to be seen. The plot outline seems typical Disney fare: rambunctious princess pursues interest frowned upon by royal parents, resulting in jeopardy which needs to be overcome (with the help of cute talking/emoting animal/other thing). Lessons get learned, good triumphs over evil.

    Will it be as good as say, The Secret of Kells, was? Unlikely. (But then again I am biased towards traditional cell animation). Will it pique a few youngsters interest in exploring Scottish folklore, seems likely.

  2. Well modern typical Disney fare. There was a time when the Disney princess did as she was told or was the damsel in distress. I do like that nowadays she stands on her own, in her own strength. Though I can't speak for all. I haven't seen The Frog Princess, and what I've seen of Tangled looks a bit like the old Disney (damsel in distress shtick).

    I'll probably end up seeing Brave, if only to take my niece and nephews :)

    I really need to get around to seeing Secret of the Kells; llike you, I prefer old animation over the new CGI.